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Zalto Denk'Art Vann Glass

Zalto Denk'Art Vann Glass

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Zaltos vannglass er perfekt til oppdekking ved siden av vinglasset. Likheten til vinglasset gjør det også til et perfekt smaksglass.

Passer til: vann, vann med kullsyre, alkoholfrie drikker, Campari Soda/Tonic og spesielt bitre øltyper.

Materiale/ Munnblåst blyfritt krystall.
Mål/ H 195 mm

Det er anbefalt å vaske glassene i oppvaskmaskin på glassprogram.

The Denk Art series combines long-standing tradition, craftsmanship driven to the extreme with perfect, well-proportioned aesthetics, form and unmatched functionality. Nothing is accidental here, but rather the result of fine-tuning the perfect proportions as well as the optimal shapes in countless tastings of prototypes by Hans Denk, the father of this unique glass series.

The goal is to offer the optimal vessels for the perception of the entire spectrum of a wine’s aromas whilst also determining the wine’s flavour. They offer decisive parameters for the optimal shapes and so, ultimately, the decisive choice of which glass to use.

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