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Zalto W1 Coupe Effect

Zalto W1 Coupe Effect

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Zalto vannglass er tynt, lett og elegant. Glasset har en optisk effekt som får glasset til å skinne sterkt og glitrende. Den siste finpussen til et elegant dekket bord og står godt sammen de andre vinglassene i serien.

Passer til: vann og cocktails.

Materiale/ Munnblåst blyfritt krystall.
Mål/ H 100 mm

Det er anbefalt å vaske glassene i oppvaskmaskin på glassprogram.

Following our minimalist philosophy, reducing everything to the absolute essentials while maintaining maximum functionality and emphasizing modern aesthetics, the W1 series has proven to be not only a perfectly shaped companion, but also an independent personality on the table. The shape, which opens as it rises with the deliberately chosen angle for the perfect drinking flow.

In keeping with the timeless design of the Denk’Art series, the shape of the W1 is perfectly balanced.

Thanks to their invisible lightness, they almost float in your hand. Moreover, due to the thin rim, they further emphasize the light, fine sensory perception of freshness and taste.

Available as a clear tumbler or with an optical effect, both W1 glasses are made from unleaded glass. Alone, or better as a complement to the wine glass on a perfectly set table, the two form a pair that should not be absent on any occasion. The different finishes make it possible to discreetly distinguish between still and sparkling water.

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